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    The integrated plug-in bar flowmeter is a sensor element with excellent precision, efficiency and reliability.
    1. Use of integrated plug-in bar flowmeter
    The integrated plug-in flowmeter is suitable for high precision flow measurement of gases, liquids and vapors. The power bar flowmeter is a differential pressure, rate average flow sensor, through the sensor in the fluid generated by the differential pressure flow measurement. The willy bar flowmeter reflects the true flow velocity of the fluid with an accuracy of &plusmn; 1.0 and a repeatability of &plusmn; 0.1. Willy bar's outstanding advantage is that it outputs a very stable, non-pulsating differential pressure signal
    2. Design characteristics of the probe
    The probe in the shape of bullet section can produce accurate pressure distribution and fixed fluid separation point. The low pressure pressure hole located on both sides of the probe side and before the fluid separation point can generate stable differential pressure signal and effectively prevent blocking. The internal integrated structure can avoid the signal leakage, improve the probe structure strength, and maintain long-term high precision.
    3. Willy bar probe anti-jam design
    With its excellent anti-blocking design, the integrated insert flowmeter probe has completely got rid of the malpractice of the inserted flow probe such as a niuba easily blocked, so that the anti-blocking level of the flow probe of the equal-velocity tube has reached an unprecedented height.
    The high pressure hole of probe will not be blocked in the front of probe to form a high pressure zone. The pressure is slightly higher than the static pressure of pipe, preventing the particle from entering. Please note: the velocity of the fluid at the high pressure extraction hole of the probe is zero. No object will enter the extraction hole. When starting up, the fluid in the static pressure of the pipe, into the bend, soon formed a pressure balance. When the pressure equilibrium is formed, the fluid encounters high pressure at the inlet of the bend and detours, no longer entering the bend.
    In general, dust, sand and particles are concentrated in the back of the probe under the action of vortex street force. That's why autumn leaves are always concentrated behind the leeward house. Due to the low pressure pressure hole in the vacuum area at the tail of the probe, the low pressure pressure hole of the probe is quickly blocked by the impurities brought by the eddy current under the action of vortex street force. The unique design of the powerbar flowmeter enables the low pressure pressure hole to be located on both sides of the probe side, in front of the fluid separation point and the wake area. This design essentially prevents clogging and produces a very stable low-voltage signal.
    4. Advantages of probe
    ● can measure a variety of media, a wide range of applications
    ● high accuracy and large range ratio
    ● the probe takes the pressure hole to prevent blocking
    ● the measurement signal is stable with small fluctuation
    ● pipe permanent low pressure loss
    ● unique high - strength bullet - shaped monolithic double - chamber structure
    ● low installation cost and maintenance free
    ● it can be installed and repaired online
    5. Characteristics of flow sensor of bat-equal-velocity tube
    ● steady signal
    The low pressure pressure hole of the integrated plug-in flowmeter is located on both sides of the probe side, between the fluid and the probe separation point, far away from the eddy current fluctuation area.
    ● excellent long - term high precision
    The integrated plug-in bar flowmeter can ensure long-term stability of accuracy because:
    It is impervious to abrasion, dirt and grease.
    There are no moving parts in the structure.
    Design to eliminate the occurrence of congestion phenomenon. At the front of the probe, the high static pressure zone surrounds the probe so that the high pressure hole will not be blocked. Most importantly, the low pressure hole is located on both sides of the probe, and the fluid is swept diagonally across the surface, protecting the low pressure hole from being swept, while other probes are prone to blockage because their low pressure hole is in the low pressure fluctuation area where impurities gather.
    ● minimum installation cost
    With just a few inches of line welding, the installation is easy and quick.
    The application of special tools, you can achieve with pressure online installation.
    All the valves and the interfaces of various instruments need only simple assembly, which requires very low assembly cost.
    ● very low running costs
    It is a non-shrink throttling design, as a plug-in flow probe, the operating cost of the willy bar is minimal.#p#分頁標題#e#
    Power bar flowmeters produce very low permanent pressure losses, typically less than 0.7KPa
    A permanent pressure loss of more than 14KPa for a orifice element
    Compared to orifice plate, willy bar energy loss is reduced by 95.
    ● continuous work fundamentally eliminate the possibility of blocking, but in the following circumstances, willy bar still need to pay attention to prevention:
    When the pressure tube leaks, the high pressure balance area of the probe is destroyed, and the particles with smaller diameter in the impurities may be taken
    When the pipeline is stopped, because of the Brownian motion of molecules, small particles of impurities may enter the pressure hole.
    The system is frequently turned on and off. At the moment when the high pressure zone is formed, small particles of impurities may enter the pressure hole, which may lead to blockage of the probe over time.
    Medium containing a large amount of tar, algae organisms, or containing fibrous substances, may also cause blockage of the probe.
    6. Apply new technologies
    Original design of joint with valve power bar... The new design concept provides an entirely new concept with a built-in instrument stop valve at the connector of the instrument
    1. Make installation and maintenance easier.
    2. Reduce the number of assembly parts to make hardware connection
    Cost reduction.
    Quick installation system
    Quick insert and pull out
    ● sealed drive system prevents damage to components
    ● can be applied to multiple probe installations
    All installations shall not exceed 1 hour
    Main technical indicators
    1. Performance index of integrated plug-in bar flowmeter measurement system
    1) measurement accuracy: &plusmn;0.5~1% repetition accuracy: &plusmn;0.1
    2) applicable pressure: 0 ~ 40MPa applicable temperature: -100℃ ~ +500℃
    3) upper limit of measurement: according to process requirements and probe strength; Lower limit of measurement: it depends on the minimum differential pressure requirement. When it is lower than the minimum differential pressure, special design can be adopted to meet the requirement.
    The minimum differential pressure
    The minimum flow rate
    0.026 KPa
    4.5 m/s
    0.260 KPa
    0.6 m/s
    0.400 KPa
    9.7 m/s
    4) range ratio: the range ratio is 10∶1 under the condition of ensuring the required accuracy; In the case of multi-parameter transmitter, the range ratio can reach 1:60 ~100
    5) applicable pipe diameter: 38mm ~ 9000mm round pipe, square pipe
    6) applicable medium: unidirectional flow of gas, steam and liquid with viscosity not more than 10 centipoisons
    7) requirements for straight pipe sections: normally, the requirements for the front and rear straight pipe sections of the flowmeter are 7D before and 3D after
    2. The integrated plug-in bar flowmeter is widely used for the measurement of various gases, liquids and vapors. The following is a typical application medium.
    Gas/liquid/steam; Natural gas/cooling water/saturated steam; Compressed air/boiler water/superheated steam; Gas/desalination; Gaseous hydrocarbons/liquid hydrocarbons; Hot air/cryogenic liquid; Producer gas/heat conducting liquid
    The integrated plug-in bar flowmeter is a kind of flow sensor designed by using the working principle of differential pressure type and the installation method of plug-in type. As far as it goes, this is a special throttling device whose output is differential pressure. Through the sensor probe or probe pressure, before and after the probe has two rows of uneven distribution of several lead hole (take pressure pipe diameter about 20, &Phi; take pressure hole low pressure aperture &Phi; 8). The differential pressure is formed by averaging the different pressures (flow rates) of the pipe from top to bottom (left to right) through two rows of pipeholes, so that the mass flow or volume flow can be calculated.
    Product features:
    1. High accuracy: the accuracy is 0.2% in the range of 3% ~ 100%.
    2, energy saving, and a measuring element class sensors were &Phi; 20 ~ 50 stainless steel &Phi;, cross-sectional area is small, almost no pressure loss in the medium pipeline, reduce operation cost greatly, compared with such as orifice throttling device has obvious energy saving effect.#p#分頁標題#e#
    3. Easy installation: just make a corresponding hole in the proper position of the pipeline, insert the primary element bar flowmeter into the center of the pipeline, and the installation can be carried out conveniently.
    4, no maintenance: the primary measuring element of the bar type flowmeter itself does not need to be maintained, only according to the measurement instrument regular verification requirements of the differential pressure transmitter zero and full test, and the secondary meter input the corresponding current test.
    5. Wide range of measurement flow: the gas flow rate is above 4m/s and the liquid flow rate is above 0.2m/s, which can be accurately measured. The measurement effect of low flow rate, small flow rate and large pipe diameter is particularly good.
    6. Wide application scope of cross section shape of medium pipeline: this flowmeter has no requirement on geometric shape of cross section of medium pipeline, and is applicable to circle, ellipse, rectangle, square, prism, triangle, trapezoid, etc.
    7, high reliability: because the structure of the bar sensor is very simple, the structure design is reasonable, the pressure tube medium does not flow, the debris is not easy to enter, so can maintain the measurement accuracy for a long time.
    8, high temperature and high pressure: resistant to medium temperature 650℃, sprayed Al2O3 coating resistant to temperature 1300℃, resistant to medium pressure 32MPa.
    9. Equipped with intelligent secondary instrument: it can not only display various parameters, but also carry out remote communication to form a network and facilitate centralized management.
    10. Online installation and maintenance: some measuring points that cannot be stopped for installation and medium with excessive impurity content can be stopped for online installation and measurement, and can be stopped for cleaning and maintenance.

                                                          Bar type flowmeter (figure)

    Technical parameters:
    1. Nominal diameter: 25mm&le;DN&le;6000mm
    2. Nominal pressure: PN&le;25MPa
    3. Medium temperature: t&le;650℃
    4. Accuracy grade: 0.5, 1 and 1.5
    SL -
    The flow meter
    Type of installation
    Tube type (not suitable for large bore)
    DN -
    Pipe size
    Nominal pressure
    0.6 MPa
    1.6 MPa
    2.5 MPa
    4.0 MPa
    Special pressure
    Working temperature
    The normal temperature ~ + 250 ℃
    Under 450 ℃
    Special customized
    Medium type#p#分頁標題#e#
    The attachment
    Not attachment
    Differential pressure transmitter
    Differential pressure transmitter and flow integrating instrument
    Special accessories

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